Joy Coaching America with Karyn Lynn Grant

Meet Manase Fotu - Monumental Father of the Year in 2021

June 11, 2021

Ep #37  Meet Manase Fotu - Monumental Father of the Year in 2021  - This interview was a joy to do!  Manase Fotu is a winner in everything he does!  He and his wife Lisa are the parents of thirteen children who are all succeeding; each in their own way!  

Manase shares his story of coming to America as a small boy from Tonga and how his belief in the "American Dream" lit a fire that is still blazing today!  He shares his absolute convictions that America is a land of opportunity and that we can overcome any obstacle!  When there is a "Will!" there is a "Way!"

Manase, as a thriving leader in his company is one of Karyn's all-time favorite "Millionaire Mentors"!  His great big heart holds enthusiasm enough to share and spread to all those who feel down on their luck and discouraged about the future! 

Manase's courage and conviction will bring every listener a contagious feeling of hope and the will to succeed!

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