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God Has A Plan for Your Life Too! - Meet Loren Swenson

October 31, 2021

Ep #66 God Has A Plan for Your Life Too! Meet Loren Swenson  We can all be inspired by the stories of others; especially when it is evident that God can bring you up to speed on His Plans for us just as soon as we make ourselves available to Him. 

In this inspirational show, Loren Swenson, former Las Vegas Magician and Entertainer, shares how God had a different plan for the "rest of his life". 

Loren's story of spreading "vibrations of light and love" around the world with his amazing invention, the A/O Scanner is a fascinating one!  The world is becoming more "attuned" to what part vibration and frequency plays in the functioning of our bodies as well, as the vital role that our emotions play in our physical wellbeing.

Loren shares his knowledge, vision and expertise in this show with the underlying unspoken theme to our listeners,  that "God has a definite plan for your life".  We all need to tap into His Plan -- and follow the example of this great leader, who is excelling in the industry of attuning the human being by harmonizing the frequencies, vibrations and energetics for a sense of peace.

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