Joy Coaching America with Karyn Lynn Grant

Hope On The Horizon: The Best is Yet to Be! Meet Jim Beckstrom

December 28, 2021

Ep #76  Hope On The Horizon: The Best is Yet to Be!  Join Karyn Lynn Grant in her interview with Jim Beckstrom, Counselor at the Small Business Development Resource Center, as he shares his visionary gift in this podcast!  Jim's contagious personality assures our listeners to polish their perspective that there is "Hope On The Horizon" for anyone who has been affected by the financial concerns introduced into our world, particularly during the past two years!  

Jim affirms that many have faced devastating endings to life long dreams but enthusiastically reinforces how every person can rediscover joy by pursuing their pass and becoming an expert at your favorite thing!  
Jim assures us that when a door closes, windows do open!  He shares the need for all of us to discover our gifts and learn how to monetize them.  Somewhere out there, someone is looking for a person just like you!  So cultivate your talents, as well as your aptitude for Joy!  That's the contagion that will spread into 2022!  You will feel great after listening to this wonderful show!  

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