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Share The Vision of Women Blessing Women-Meet Karen Montague Haleen

January 3, 2022

Ep #77 Share the Vision of Women Blessing Women - Meet Karen Montague Haleen

In this upbeat episode, Karyn Lynn Grant celebrates the life of her dear friend from High School, Karen Montague Haleen, as they reminisce on what made their ties from their teenage years last for nearly fifty years!

Karen Haleen was raised in a Christian home and has continued growing in her faith since childhood, She continues to share her joy with those she meets in person or in social media groups. Her adult life has been filled with opportunities to lead groups of women who look up to her because of her profound faith in God.

Karen Haleen is currently a Chaplain for a political (Republican Women's Federation) which keeps her involved in continuous opportunities to work with her local Congressman, Assemblywoman and State Senator.

Her life is spent serving and ministering to her family, church, friends and community. Karen encourages women across the country, to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary roles that God longs to place you in, in order to further His work on earth, by fulfilling your own mission, calling and purpose.

The intention of this episode is to encourage all women from every walk of life, to devote a portion of your time to further your good works, in order to glorify your Father in Heaven, by developing strong leadership skills.  

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